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You should not purchase any of the notes unless you understand the investment risks involving the notes and determine that you are able to take such risks.

Despite our current debt levels, we may still incur substantially more debt or take other actions which would intensify the risks discussed above.

Despite our current consolidated debt levels, we and our subsidiaries may be able to incur substantial additional debt in the future, subject to the restrictions contained in our debt instruments, some of which may be secured debt. We will not be restricted under the terms of the indenture governing the notes from incurring additional debt, securing existing or future debt, recapitalizing our debt or taking a number of other actions that are not limited by the terms of the indenture governing the notes that could have the effect of diminishing our ability to make payments on the notes when due. Our existing credit facility restricts our ability to incur

additional indebtedness, including secured indebtedness, but if the facility matures, is amended, or is repaid, we may not be subject to such restrictions under the terms of any subsequent indebtedness.

Changes in our credit ratings may adversely affect the value of the notes.

The ratings assigned to the notes could be lowered, suspended or withdrawn entirely by the rating agencies if, in each rating agency’s judgment, circumstances warrant. Actual or anticipated changes or downgrades in our credit ratings, including any announcement that our ratings are under review for a downgrade, could affect the market value of the notes. Such ratings are limited in scope, and do not address all material risks relating to an investment in the notes, but rather reflect only the view of each rating agency at the time the rating is issued. Such ratings are not recommendations to buy, sell or hold the notes. An explanation of the significance of such rating may be obtained from such rating agency.

An increase in market interest rates could result in a decrease in the value of the notes.

In general, as market interest rates rise, notes bearing interest at a fixed rate decline in value because the premium, if any, over market interest rates will decline. Consequently, if you purchase any of the notes and market interest rates increase, the market values of such notes may decline. We cannot predict the future level of market interest rates.



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